Get Registered

Download Voter Registration Form

Are you eligible to vote? These are the requirements:

  • Age: Must be at least 18 years old on or before the day of the general election
  • Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Residency: Must be a declared resident of Ohio and of the precinct in which you will vote by at least 30 days before the election
  • Mental Competency: Must not have been declared incompetent for voting purposes by a probate court
  • Felony Convictions: Must not be currently incarcerated on felony charges; voting rights of ex-offenders are automatically restored upon release from prison, but ex-offenders must re-register in order to vote

Check to see if you’re registered to vote and if your registration is accurate by clicking here

  • If you have not voted in the last four years, your registration may have been removed from the voter roll. If that is the case, you must re-register to vote by completing this form.
  • If you have legally changed your name or moved since the last election, you must update your voter registration, which you can do online, here.

Are you registered to vote with inaccurate or outdated information? Click here to update your voter registration.

Note: Voting with inaccurate or false voter registration information can be considered voter fraud, a fifth degree felony

Still need to register?

  1. First, get your hands on a voter registration form by doing any of the following things:
  2. Mail or drop off your completed form to any of these locations (or go there to receive, fill out, and submit a voter registration form)
    • Your county’s Board of Elections office
    • The Ohio Secretary of State’s office (180 E. Broad St., 16th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215)
    • Any BMV or Deputy Registrars
    • The Department of Job and Family Services
    • The Department of Health (including the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program)
    • The Department of Mental Health
    • The Department of Developmental Disabilities
    • The Rehabilitation Services Commission
    • Any state-assisted college or university that provides assistance to disabled students
    • Any county treasurer’s office
    • Any public high school or vocational school
    • Any public library
  3. Make sure you do this before October 5, 2015, the deadline for registering to vote and updating your voter information!

Complete instructions in English/en español.

What’s your voting plan?

There are three ways to vote in Ohio: early vote, absentee vote, or vote in person on election dat. Visit our Resources Page for information on voting times, deadlines, and transportation options. Make sure your vote counts this election!