Black Voter Empowerment Campaign – #OhioUnity16

#OhioUnity16 – Black Voter Empowerment Campaign 2016

We are quickly approaching Election Day 2016. Now is the time for action!

The Ohio Unity Coalition, state chapter of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, is launching a major nonpartisan campaign this summer to register, verify the registration statuses, inform, and engage, and empower black voters across the State of Ohio. Our goal is to close the registration gap that leaves black voter turnout trailing behind other constituency groups, and to make sure our communities are empowered to speak to the issues they are experiencing and be heard through the democratic process of electing civic leaders. There are lots of ways you can make a difference by getting involved in our Black Voter Empowerment Campaign 2016!

1. Volunteer with your local Ohio Unity Coalition chapter! Join to get trained to register voters, get informational materials to distribute around your community, and hit the streets with us this summer in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Youngstown, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Akron/Canton.

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3Follow, share, and tweet with #OhioUnity16! Follow and engage our social media accounts to get your friends talking about the issues that matter to black voters in Ohio, and encourage everyone to get motivated to take action this November by voting. We’re very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can always message our page directly if you think there’s something (nonpartisan) we need to post about more often.

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